Kuramo Capital Plans to Allocate $150 million dollars to Funds Led by Women in Africa

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Kuramo Capital Management, an investment management firm focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa, intends to invest $150 million (approximately 22 billion Kenyan Shillings) to support female-led businesses over the next decade. This investment is part of the Moremi Platform, an initiative aimed at empowering the next generation of African women entrepreneurs and promoting gender-equitable fund management.

The Moremi platform consists of three main components: an accelerator program, a warehousing/lending facility, and a Fund of Funds. The firm has introduced the first group of participants in the accelerator program, which serves as a mentorship and capacity-building platform, targeting 40 female entrepreneurs and fund managers each year.

According to Wale Adeosun, CEO and Founder of Kuramo, this program will address the significant funding and knowledge gap that women in business face, which is a major hindrance to achieving inclusive and sustainable economic and social development in African countries. This initiative also aims to enhance the capabilities of female fund managers, thus contributing to the growth of women-led enterprises.

Adeosun believes that, just as they have previously addressed gaps with African fund managers, their gender-focused initiative can have a similarly transformative impact. The accelerator program provides a structured curriculum for capacity building, technical assistance, and mentorship for women in business, with a particular emphasis on female fund managers in Africa.

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