Sony Ventures has allocated $10 million for investing in startups operating within the African entertainment sector.


Sony Ventures, also referred to as the Sony Innovation Fund, the venture capital division of Sony Corporation, has unveiled a $10 million commitment for investing in startups in the African entertainment domain.

         The renowned technology conglomerate has introduced the Sony Innovation Fund: Africa (SIF: AF), a program intended to promote and nurture entertainment enterprises in Africa.

In contrast to the dominant trend of fintech receiving the highest investment in Africa, Sony is entering the arena of investing in the entertainment sector in the region, a strategic move that aligns with the corporation’s core mission.

The CEO of Sony Ventures, Gen Tsuchikawa, discussed the company’s intention to invest in Africa’s entertainment sector, emphasizing that despite establishing the Sony Innovation Fund in 2016 to support ventures in diverse industries, Sony still retains its identity as a creative entertainment and technology company. Their fundamental goal is to enrich the world with emotions by harnessing the potential of creativity and technology.

In his words, 

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“The entertainment field has been a key area of focus for Sony Innovation Fund since the beginning and will continue to be. Africa, in particular, has a vibrant community of creators and entrepreneurs looking to invent new ways to enhance entertainment experiences for audiences and that propelled Sony to establish SIF: AF.

“We are exploring investments in these areas because we see great potential and exciting creativity from the creators, entrepreneurs, and teams in Africa, and we want to support that. There is also a growing adoption of technology overall in these areas, which we are excited about.


“Since Sony’s entertainment business group is exploring and supporting young talented creators in Africa, this fund will also try to support those creators and the growth of entertainment business in Africa in various ways such as providing technologies, collaborating with creators, intellectual property, and contents, marketing support, and others which Sony can contribute”.

The African-focused fund established by the technology giant will provide vital support to entertainment technology startups on the continent, which have faced challenges in securing consistent venture capital in recent years.

For Sony, this endeavor has the potential to unlock new markets and possibilities within the African entertainment arena. It might also lead to the creation of products, services, and content that strongly resonate with local audiences.

Sony Ventures’ commitment to investing in African entertainment startups represents a significant development that could invigorate and reshape the African entertainment scene.

This move aligns with a broader pattern of international interest and investment in Africa’s creative industries and technology sectors.

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