Black Enterprise:- Andre Iguodala secures $200 million in funding for his venture capital company.

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Andre Iguodala and his venture capital firm have partnered with his long-term business associate, Rudy Cline-Thomas, an experienced figure in the industry who established Mastry Ventures in 2021. Together, they have rebranded the venture capital company as Mosaic General Partnership after successfully amassing a $200 million fund, as reported by Inc Magazine.

This fund will primarily focus on offering early-stage investments to companies operating in the enterprise software, fintech, and sports sectors. It’s worth noting that their previous portfolio includes startups that have achieved notable success, including companies like Allbirds, Hims, Coinbase, and Carta. Additionally, in July, Cline-Thomas and Iguodala entered the realm of sports ownership by becoming co-owners of the English soccer club Leeds United.

In a recent conversation with the New York Times’ Dealbook newsletter, Iguodala discussed how his relocation to the Bay Area in 2013 to join the Warriors was a strategic part of his plan to explore opportunities in the technology industry.

He elaborated, “When I initially moved to the Bay Area, my intention was to achieve success both on and off the basketball court. I was thinking about how to gain access.”

Iguodala is not the first former Golden State Warrior to venture into the world of venture capital. Kevin Durant, who is now with the Phoenix Suns, established himself as a significant figure in the VC landscape during his time with the Warriors. Durant’s company, Thirtyfive Ventures, was co-founded in 2016 with his agent, Rich Kleiman, and has since made 61 investments in a variety of startups.

In 2019, Thirtyfive Ventures launched Boardroom, a media network that combines sports, entertainment, business, and culture. Additionally, Thirtyfive Ventures holds interests in emerging sports properties like the NWSL and esports, capitalizing on opportunities within these sectors.

Through Andre Iguodala’s organization, Mosaic General Partnership, his primary focus is on sectors where his expertise can help mitigate risks. His team at Mosaic has cultivated connections over time that have the potential to unlock opportunities, establish collaborations, and deliver value from the very beginning.

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