Stephen Curry has partnered with Rakuten to support the Blacks In Fashion Council.

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Rakuten, a prominent shopping platform renowned for its Cash Back and rewards system, has formed a strategic alliance with the Black In Fashion Council (BIFC) to provide support for emerging Black fashion designers and their independent ventures. This ongoing collaboration involves a commitment to increasing visibility and assisting these designers in expanding their businesses. To boost awareness of BIFC designers, the partnership has enlisted the help of NBA Champion and two-time MVP, Stephen Curry.

Stephen Curry, who has been a part of the NBA since 2009, has also gained recognition as a fashion influencer. He is often seen participating in “Tunnel Walks” at NBA arenas throughout the United States. His style is characterized as sleek, and similar to his basketball game, he’s known for taking calculated fashion risks, whether they are successful or not. “My style covers a wide range,” he mentioned when discussing his fashion choices for the 2023-2024 NBA season.

“The atmosphere is consistently positive. It’s reminiscent of the excitement you feel on the first day of school. I even planned my outfit for media day in advance, much like you’d lay out your clothes the night before school. It’s not a last-minute decision; there’s thought put into it. However, the main focus is on the big opening night on October 24th. I’m aware that everyone is eagerly anticipating the energy and enthusiasm people will bring to kick off the season with the opening game.”

Established in 1997, Rakuten has played a crucial role in shaping the online shopping experience. They offer customers the opportunity to earn Cash Back, access deals, and receive shopping rewards for a wide range of products and services. With 17 million members in the United States, Rakuten has helped users accumulate over $3.7 billion in Cash Back rewards at their preferred stores.

This organization has brought together a team of fashion professionals to create a more inclusive foundation. The addition of Stephen Curry enhances the organization’s visibility, and Rakuten plays a crucial role in providing support through its global reach and shared shopping experiences.

Curry is a new member of the Rakuten x BIFC team and is expected to be a valuable asset, much like his “Warriors” teammates. He emphasizes the significance of the fashion spotlight they have, particularly during their “Tunnel Walks.” This offers a unique opportunity to promote representation in various fields, especially in the fashion industry. Curry is excited about collaborating with the Black Fashion Council and emerging designers who possess great enthusiasm and a strong vision.

Curry explains that the clothing he wears throughout the year, including his “Tunnel Walk” outfits, is directly sourced from these designers and brands. Partnering with Rakuten opens up a marketplace for these designers, creating awareness and driving traffic to their work. This collaboration brings together different worlds and industries, ultimately fostering positive change in the fashion landscape.

The partnership between Rakuten and BIFC began during the Spring/Summer 2024 season of New York Fashion Week, with Rakuten sponsoring the NYFW Discovery Showroom. In support of the 2024 NBA season, Stephen Curry will be walking the “Tunnels” alongside BIFC designers, promoting their creative journeys. During his pre-game “Tunnel Walks” and through social media, Curry will showcase and make available for purchase outfits from BIFC designers with the help of Rakuten.

Curry has specific designers he admires and who have made a significant impact in the industry. “I’d say Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh, especially in terms of footwear, have been personal inspirations for me,” he notes. He has even had conversations with them. These designers have reached a stage in their careers where their names carry immense influence, and their work is widely recognized. Curry envisions that one of the designers he’s collaborating with now could follow in the footsteps of Jerry Lorenzo and Virgil Abloh, not only in the independent fashion world but also by making a significant impact on mainstream brands that shape culture.