Professionals are poised to enhance business and financial reporting standards throughout Africa.

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Global business concept. Communication network.

The Bloomberg Africa Business Media Innovators Forum is scheduled to gather African leaders in Cape Town, South Africa, for the Annual Africa Media Innovators (ABMI) 2023 conference. This event aims to bolster business and financial reporting throughout Africa. The 2023 Media Innovators Forum will focus on improving business and financial reporting across the continent and fostering open dialogue to establish robust diplomatic connections, especially in the realm of financial news and the accessibility of accurate and timely data in Africa.

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A diverse representation of media organizations, government bodies, technology professionals, and business leaders from various African regions will join the Bloomberg Africa Business Innovators Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, scheduled for October 30 to November 1. The conference is co-hosted by M. Scott Havens, CEO of Bloomberg Media, Matthew Winkler, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg News, and Erana Stennett, responsible for Corporate Philanthropy in the Middle East and Africa at Bloomberg.

The 2023 gathering is going back to South Africa, where the ABMI was first hosted in 2015. This marks the first in-person event since 2019.

At this year’s meeting, influential figures will explore creative business approaches that are shaping the future of media and journalism, not only in Africa but worldwide. This assembly aims to offer an exclusive, forward-thinking forum for meaningful discussions and mutual learning as African media leaders get ready for journalism in the era of digital advancements.

Commenting on the ABMI gathering, M. Scott Havens, the CEO of Bloomberg Media, mentioned that given the fragmented nature of the global media industry and the challenges faced by business models on both local and international levels, this forum presents an opportunity for fresh perspectives, ideas, and solutions for establishing sustainable media business models in Africa and beyond.

In a similar vein, Matthew Winkler, the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg News, noted that the ABMI event is happening at a time when there is growing optimism about Africa’s economic potential. It aims to serve as a platform for taking action to stimulate investment, growth, and development by contributing to the improvement of business and financial reporting on the continent.

 Speakers acknowledge the changing media landscape and economic prospects in Africa, and they see the ABMI forum as a vital platform to generate innovative solutions and promote investment and development, particularly through strengthening the quality of business and financial reporting in the region.